Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Martin Luther King - 2012

January 16th is the only national holiday that commemorates the peace and justice work of a U. S. citizen.

I’m a Vietnam veteran and for me, Martin Luther King‘s most powerful speech was on April 4th of 1967.   “Beyond Vietnam” directed attention to the triplets of war – militarism, materialism, and racism.  All of these lead to moral and financial poverty.

When I was in Vietnam I saw many children.   Every time I look at a child I see our greatest national resource.  It pains my heart to see our children’s future being depleted by our government’s fixation on invasions, occupations, death and destruction.  Every dollar spent on “defense” is a dollar that could have been used to bring our over 15 million children out of poverty.

 On this national holiday read “Beyond Vietnam”.   Contemplate the words of this brave and magnificent man.  Think about what you can do to bring peace and justice into the U.S.A. and protect our greatest national resource.

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