Sunday, January 1, 2012


As I get further down the path of life I think about things and question things I've never thought about deeply before. One is aging. For me, age has a number of components, some of which we can control. The one component most discussed is chronological age. Most don't want to get "old" - but unless the numbers keep growing, we're dead. So the question for me is, what is "old"? Is it the number (which we want to keep growing) or is it the rest of the stuff?

What stuff? The other components of "age" are, in my opinion, psychological, physical, mental, emotional. I think these (other than being effected by disease or accident) are controllable. Thus a person of 90 ("old") can be very "young" (active/vibrant) in these areas. And a person of 30 ("young") can be very "old" (inactive/dull).

So, for me, yahoo - I'm 65! I've concluded that life is change, choices and relationships.

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