Friday, April 8, 2011

Elite "Rights"

I’m a father, retired business owner and a military veteran (Army, infantry, Viet Nam). I marvel at how well the elites have convinced us that they, the upper 5%, have the absolute right to rule our country. It reminds me of the feudalism that controlled Europe for 600 years.

The elites, via their media, and well-paid serfs, tell us that what is good for them is good for us. They branded the estate tax as a “death tax”. So, a tax that only effected the top 2% was eliminated. Billions were removed from our revenue stream. Income taxes are bad they say. So taxes on the richest are branded “repressive” and massively cut. Billions were removed from our revenue stream. Medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in this country but universal health care is bad they say. So it’s branded “death panels” and never considered because the elites want to protect the billions they make from insurance and drugs. We have wars and our kids suffer and die, but the war contractor elite brand it “fighting for freedom” and make billions in profits from our tax dollars, and pay virtually no taxes.

No amount of program “cuts” will improve this nation. We need to expand programs to help the people, and thus we need more revenue. During the Eisenhower years the elites were taxed at 90%. They survived and the nation prospered.

We have, I believe, feudalism wrapped in red, white and blue and branded “democracy”.


Many, including myself, have a difficult time defining Israel. The word is wrapped up with nation, bible, Jews, apartheid, history, genocide, holocaust, Palestine, violence, loyalty oaths, destruction, international law, nuclear weapons, settlements, brutality, walls, guilt, suicide bombs, Germany, Holy Land, aggression, defense, God, hatred, media, Zionism, money, Muslims, anti-Semitism, pity, children, peace, middle east, oppression, one state/two state, murder, driven into the sea.
In November of 2007 I attended a lecture at Michigan State University given by Anna Baltzer. Her talk was titled “Life in Occupied Palestine” and included many photos from her visits. It was the first time I was shown what was happening. The visuals were powerful. I was in the infantry in Viet Nam, but this was much more than violence and war. This was systematic hatred.
I bought her book, “Witness in Palestine” and her DVD, “Life in Occupied Palestine”. Both are excellent. The book has five appendices that cover: what you can do, resource guide, brief history, myths and frequently asked questions, quotations from prominent figures. There is also a glossary.
Since 2007 I have attended many lectures, read a number of books, spoken with many people who have been to Palestine, and attended a seminar by the Hillel student organization where I was in a breakout session by the Israeli Defense Force – IDF. I continue to explore.
When defining any country, region, people, or belief system I have come to realize that generalizations are destructive to discussion. Thus I need to look at policies and actions. When it comes to governments, I have come to the conclusion that the people of a nation need to be viewed separately from the actions of their government.   People are pretty much the same the world over. They want to live a life without strife and concentrate on their well-being. The history of those in power - rulers/governments - is mainly about keeping their power, despite those they govern.
I have concluded that the government of Israel is immoral and extremists. To stay in power and to get support for their tactics, they have made the Jewish religion synonymous with Israel. This, I believe, is a travesty.