Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I gave the following talk on 4/27/15 on the steps of the Chicago Field Museum, outside the Boeing annual shareholders meeting.

Killing for $s
An Ode to Boeing

Some do it for fun,
Some for revenge, or hate, or fear.
But when you do it for dollars,
the message is clear.
 But if you create a person of many,
and own the more,
then killing for profit is simply a score.
The higher the number,
the bigger you grow . . . .
build buildings . . . hire people . . . . . wave flags . . . .
it’s part of the show.
Don’t think of the humans or animals or earth . . .
Make a bomb, up the score,
It raises the worth . . .
Of the stock. . . . of the fame . . . .  of the game . . .
Of killing for $s.

A long time ago a two-time Medal of Honor recipient – Marine Major General Smedley Butler wrote a booklet called “War is a racket”.   Smedley had great courage to write and speak those words in 1935.   He couldn’t have known that he was planting a seed that would affect me.

I first read Smedley’s words in 2003.  I was in business than, just waking up to my military experience from the U. S.  war against the people of Viet Nam, and totally immersed in the business of business  . . . and family . . .  and the struggles of life.  

I’ve learned a lot since 2003 – from people like you who stand up for humanity . . . .  from books . . . . from media . . . .  from the mosaic of my inner self.   I’ve learned of the inner-connectedness of all things . . . . how what I do touches others in ways I don’t know.  I’ve learned  - and am still learning  - the history of this country and the culture of violence that is the U.S.A.

Smedley called war a racket  . . . I’ve changed Smedley’s words . . . I call war a business.   War is part of the violence industry that produces weapons, fear, hate, and economic, social and environmental devastation.

Boeing is a major cog in the violence industry and by being here today, by standing up and expressing our humanity, and we are planting seeds.  Like all seeds, they may grow and supply food for the mind of one or many, or they may not.  But plant we must because one never knows if the seeds we are planting here today may one day deeply affect someone and change their life.

Killing for $s . . .  no matter how many buildings you build or people you hire or flags you wave . . .  is still killing . . . .  and Boeing is a KILLER. 

Keep Planting Seeds.  Thank You.

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